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The OC Good Life 90-day Weight Loss Program has been carefully designed by nutritionist and coach Shaun Darvish to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. The treatment plans are customized according to individual needs and goals and will help you adopt healthy habits and break your old ones.

  • 90-day keto program
  • Free weekly consultations
  • Supplements for 90 days
  • Free dietary consultations
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Before & After Gallery

Our 90-day Weight Loss Program has been designed and updated to make the weight loss journey an adventurous one rather than something dreadful. Our aim is to help you get to a healthy weight by making simple changes in life. These before and after pictures document the beautiful weight loss journey undertaken by our previous clients.

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What You Will Get in Our 90-Day Weight Loss Treatment Plan?

  • 3 months supply of OC Good Life health supplements
  • Consultation and follow-up every week
  • 15-day cleanser
  • Probiotics and Thyroid support
  • Blood sugar control and balance supplements
  • High-quality weight loss and fat burn supplements from OC Good Life
  • A customized diet plan consisting of intermittent fasting and keto
  • Gratitude prompts

Why Choose Our Weight Loss Package?

  • Receive all health supplements from OC Good Life
  • Customized diet plan for individual goals
  • The treatment has been designed by highly experienced nutritionist and coach Shaun Darvish
  • Affordable package price

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