After the COVID-19 medical emergency, people have become more aware of the concept of body metabolism, multivitamin supplements, and the importance of remaining active.

Sometimes eating right isn’t enough for the body. Everyday stress, a hectic lifestyle, and a poor sleep schedule are why most of us lack essential nutrients. Some specialists consider multivitamin supplements and other simple ways to compensate for poor dietary habits that can lower the risk of chronic diseases.

Most people still believe that it is all about genetics. They suppose that some people are born with a better metabolism. However, it is interesting to note that there are multiple ways to control what affects your metabolism. In this article, we will explore a few simple and effective ways to maximize metabolism.

How to Improve and Boost Your Body Metabolism?

Enhancing metabolism should be a priority because you rely on it to think, circulate blood, digest food, and so on. In short, it controls the workings of the body and makes use of energy.

Here’s what you need to know about increasing your metabolism:

  • Vegan Multivitamins

Vitamins are the major building blocks that help you remain healthy and increase immunity. However, if you are a vegan, you shouldn’t limit yourself from boosting your metabolism. Fortunately, vegan multivitamins are the best way to build your strength, stamina, and immunity.

Finding a decent multivitamin can be tough when you follow a vegan diet. Animal products in multivitamins are common, and B12 might be what most vegans are missing out on because it is naturally found in eggs, meat, and milk.

If you are vegan, looking to maximize your body metabolism, having vegan multivitamin supplements in your daily diet is very important. Speaking of which, it creates energy-yielding metabolism and keeps brain health in check.

  • Work Hard, Eat Right

After an intense workout session, your body can take some time to restore and return to its resting metabolic rate. This is the time when your body burns maximum calories.

When you lose the number of calories you take in, your metabolism uncovers food scarcity and gradually slows down to conserve energy. To avoid this, ensure that you have enough calories to balance your resting metabolic rate.

Having small meals throughout the day keeps your blood sugar level in check and controls insulin spikes that can cause weight gain. Experts suggest consuming at least six small meals of about 300 calories each.

  • Take Screen Breaks

People who have a sedentary job should try to step away from the computer screen. Taking mini-breaks throughout the day and staying active keeps the metabolism up.

Regular movement is not only effective for weight loss but increases your productivity, helping you focus on your work.

Research conducted from Northwestern University found that the blue light exposure by computers, laptops, and smartphones before and after a meal makes people more hungry and affects their glucose metabolism.

  • Spice Up Your Food

Adding a tablespoon of green or red chili pepper enhances metabolism rates. Spicy meals are natural chemicals taking your metabolism to a higher level. The effects are somewhat temporary, however, when you add a small tablespoon every day, it acts as a quick boost.

  • Protein in Your Diet

Protein takes more time to burn compared to fat or carbs, which makes you feel full for a long time. Adding some great sources of protein to your diet, including eggs, beans, chicken, nuts, beef, and low-fat dairy items can help you in maximizing your metabolism.

  • Water Intake

Shifting from sugary drinks to consuming plenty of water can work wonderfully! Sugary drinks contain calories, and water reduces your calorie intake. Studies suggest that resting metabolism can boost by 10 to 30% in one hour by drinking 0.5L of water. Also, drinking water 30 minutes before your meal can help you eat less.

Research has found that people who drank 0.5L of water before eating lost 44% more weight than people who did not.

In Conclusion

One of the significant factors of metabolism is eating right and being active. When you follow a proper diet and exercise daily, your body works appropriately. Consuming healthy food in the right amounts is not the only way to improve and increase your metabolism. Instead, food rich in vitamins and protein is what you should go for. Vitamins are associated with a range of metabolic advantages that can help in ending your metabolism issues.

Apart from relieving physical and emotional stress, Essential Good Life’s vegan multivitamin supplements are excellent for the nutritional requirements of the body. It complements your diet and ensures that your daily supplement is met adequately. Consuming the required amount each day, under the guidance of your healthcare expert, will keep you at peak performance and maximize your metabolism.