Octo Mega Clean Green



Organic Alfalfa (Leaf), Organic Sea Kelp, Organic Chlorella (Cracked-Cell Wall), Organic Beet (Root), Organic Kale (Sprout), Organic Broccoli (Sprout), Organic Celery (Seed), and Organic Turmeric.

Suggested Use

OctoMega Clean Green can be taken with meals or between meals at any time of the day or night. Consume 1-3 times daily for optimum results.


Pour approximately 8 oz. juice or purified water in a glass or blender and mix with one level scoop of OctoMega Clean Green Powder. Can also be mixed into fruit smoothie or protein shake for a quick, liquid superfood salad.


  • Providing daily requirement of organic leafy greens

  • Proper acid/alkaline pH balance and mineral support

  • Natural bodyweight and metabolism maintenance

  • Reducing inflammation and boosting mental clarity

  • Energizing and detoxifying cells and vital organs


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