When it comes to chronic pain management, hemp oil seems to have worked wonders for several individuals. Not only its regular usage has made it possible to alleviate pain but significantly lessened its recurrence.

But wait, isn’t hemp oil extracted from Cannabis Sativa, the source for marijuana?

Yes, but there’s quite a bit of difference that one needs to understand.

You see, hemp and marijuana technically belong to the same species of plants. However, they differ in their percentage of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol, the chief psychoactive constituent within cannabis).

While hemp contains 0.3% or even less amount of THC, marijuana contains way more than that. To say, you can extract CBD from both plants of the same species and still have different stuff in your hand. And, it is the lower percentage of THC that has made it possible for hemp oil to find its way into an array of well-being products like hemp freeze relief cream, ointments, and others.

Besides, hemp seeds containing cannabinoids pack in a good amount of nutrition, and thus can be used for cooking needs as well.

With cannabis gradually becoming legal across several regions, there’s no stopping hemp-infused products from taking the lead in the market for chronic pain management.

In this post, we mull over the goodness of hemp and how it works to bring about a wholesome effect dealing with a range of chronic pain issues.

How Hemp Oil Works?

Cannabidiol (CBD) present within hemp freeze relief cream is known to induce a calming effect, interacting with the receptors deep-seated in our central nervous system. Thus, it works great as an anti-inflammatory agent and an inherent pain reliever that brings down stress and anxiety levels.

No wonder, a large number of individuals are solely turning towards using CBD products compared to pharmaceutical drugs, which seem to bring forth a slew of side effects. Also, when it comes to managing episodes of chronic pain, a hemp freeze relief cream can help you avoid consuming opioids that are otherwise highly addictive.

Dealing With Neuropathic And Arthritis Pain

A typical neuropathic pain affects the nerves and is commonly observed in conditions like multiple sclerosis, or infections like shingles.

In a 2017 report focussing on the effectiveness of CBD on chronic neuropathic pain, researchers were able to conduct a total of eleven randomized controlled trials comprising more than a thousand patients depicting significant positive effects.

On the other hand, when dealing with neuropathic pain, multiple animal model studies involved the topical application of hemp-infused creams on rats with arthritis. The study concluded how CBD proved to be effectively treating arthritis conditions on rats by lowering inflammation and associated symptoms without causing any side effects. Thus, researchers believe that using CBD can have a similar effect on humans dealing with chronic arthritis.

Nevertheless, extensive research is encouraged to confirm such findings to a greater extent.

Treating Cases Of Multiple Sclerosis And Beyond

An autoimmune condition, multiple sclerosis can affect the entire human body determined by symptoms like moderate to heavy muscle spasms.

For some individuals, these recurring episodes of muscle spasms can turn chronic. Looking to establish the role of CBD in chronic pain management, a study showed how CBD can significantly alleviate muscle spasms and instantly make a suffering individual feel better.

The very same medical study also compiled the data coming from multiple systematic reviews across a dozen trials which brought to the forefront substantial evidence. It was concluded that CBD-infused products like hemp freeze relief cream can be used effectively for chronic pain management in adults.

Besides, individuals using CBD products didn’t require to build tolerance levels, and thus won’t require to up their dosage in the future. Such insights further offer a window into new horizons of research for different kinds of chronic pain management.

A Foreword To Future Chronic Pain Management

Currently, CBD-infused products like hemp freeze relief cream witnesses a wide range of applications that include:

  • Treating depression and anxiety
  • Treating neuropathic pain
  • Drug withdrawal
  • Seizure and Epilepsy treatment
  • Lessening the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and antipsychotic effects
  • Managing symptoms of schizophrenia
  • Combating Type 1 diabetes issues, and much more

Regarding the dosage, the FDA, to date, has no fixed guidelines or regulations where CBD is used for a particular condition. Thus, it is apparent that CBD products are to be used under caution and always after consulting your case with a healthcare professional.

Notably, the FDA has also approved a certain type of purified CBD which seems to work great for people with epilepsy.

Undeniably, the use of CBD-led products is increasingly becoming common across several regions globally. With a good number of study reports coming to the forefront, there’s no denying the window of opportunity to expand the frontiers of research into establishing the wholesome efficacy of full-spectrum hemp oil.

Reportedly, multiple research studies are ongoing to determine the long-term effect of CBD-infused products on hormones, which in turn, will help determine the right dosage for varying conditions.

Have you ever used any CBD-infused products like hemp oil freeze relief cream or ointment to alleviate chronic pain?

Did you find them effective?

Let us know your experience.