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How did you come to be so passionate about Health and wellness?

In order to understand why I am so passionate (crazy) about supplements and CBD oils, you have to go back in my life.

I used to do wrestling/martial arts from the time I was 14. I was pushing my self so hard, so I was damaging myself a little bit. But the problem went beyond that, the main thing was I wasn’t eating well.

When I finally found out what was wrong with me, it was about 8 years ago. I used to live in Salt Lake City. I always thought that because it is cold, that the winter was doing that to me.

But it wasn’t that.

I was to the point where I had 7 disks in my back that were requiring surgery. My right foot, elbow, and neck were all very painful. I was in such severe pain in 2012, the medical professionals labeled me as disabled.

I couldn’t stand up, I couldn’t walk. I was truly disabled.

For someone who is very active, a tough guy, it was very difficult to not be able to take care of my basic needs. We used to go shopping with my wife, who is a small woman, and I had to hold onto her. People were wondering why I was leaning on this tiny woman who was carrying all my goods.

About 7 years ago, I sat one night, I started talking to my Lord, and I asked him whatever my destiny, I am ok. If I am going to go down, and I need to stay in a wheelchair, then I am ok with it. But, if it is your will, please show me how to be ok again. I am an active person. I felt limited.

I was not computer savvy. I found the internet overwhelming, but after that talk with Him, I was talking with Him for hours.

The next day, I started going on the computer searching for hours and hours – up to 12 hours a day – not sharing but just learning.

The ones that helped me the most were:

Avicenna – the great doctor and philosopher from Persia.

The mother doctor – veterinarian, nutritionist –  Dr. Wallach

And Dr. Eric Berg.

I followed and studied a lot about them and their teaching which eventually saved my life.

I did not go through all the surgeries recommended for my back. I was talking about 8-10 different medications at the time.

Now, I am not taking any medications on a regular basis.



My life has changed. It changed from the point where I thought to myself that I should let my wife go because I cannot take care of her. It isn’t fair to her.

The greatest result of this and of my life is that this has not only helped me, but I have been able to impact thousands with this same knowledge. I was able to witness to my friends, family, and colleagues. It changed many other lives…

I am 67 years old. I do not feel like I am anywhere near my age. I feel like I am in my 40s.

I have this drive to share my story with others. People I meet and see on the street. But it is hard to approach strangers without

I approached Massouid and shared my vision with him, and he was eager to partner and help me get this business going.

What is your future role for yourself?

As just a normal person, I think I have a duty to share how I took care of my health and my health journey. I enjoy helping people and witnessing them getting well and better.

The point is, this is not hard at all. This is easy. Follow the basic rules of nutrition. Of naturopathic doctors, and many other professionals talking about this

Eat right, take supplements

I took the results of 10 years of research to create my Good Life Foods List. That one page, free to you, could be expanded into a book

Life is precious Our body our spirit our soul are deponent on each other we need to take care of all of it

When you have pain and physical problems it limits your ability to live life. You must stay healthy your body spirit and soul. Keep the balance that you create in your body.

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